So God Made A Farmer

Dated: March 13 2019

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"So, God made a Farmer" has always intrigued me. 

The idea that, after the 7 days God used to create everything we know, He took the 8th day to create something extra special - a farmer. A caretaker of the land and everything under his provision. He would possess the ability to keep going when others might quit. He possessed grit and stamina, being immovable from the task at hand, all while being gentle enough to "deliver his own grandchild." The point is, this "farmer" embodies everything I want to be as a husband and father. I know it's definitely easier said than done. 

As a Realtor, I found this narrative compelling. Some agents are just looking for the next deal. They find a client who's in need of their expertise and services, get the listing and then the client never hears from them again - making the rest of us look bad. If you've experienced this, you know what I'm talking about - and I'm sorry. 

The idea of approaching business and relationships in general, like a farmer is crucial to success. Here's what I mean:

A farmer's job is to prepare and nurture their crops in order to have the best harvest possible. As agents, preparing our clients for the necessary steps to buy or sell their home is foundational. Walking with them through the process, while meeting their needs, answering questions and being attentive on their behalf, yields a great crop - for them and you. You earn happy clients that will refer you to their friends and family. They then, get to enjoy what it is they've worked so hard for - their own "piece of the farm". 

I hope this challenges you, like it did me. Approach life and relationships like a farmer. Show grace, love unconditionally and work hard to be your best.  -Stephen

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